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Rhonda Wheate BSc(Hons) LLB(Hons) PhD is a graduate of the University of New South Wales (Australian Defence Force Academy) (PhD), the Australian National University (LLB Hons First Class) & the University of Western Sydney (BSc Hons First Class & University Medal in Chemistry).

Having always been interested in law and science, Rhonda has worked, researched, and taught in criminal law, the law of evidence, legal foundations, forensic identification, jury trials, and criminal justice.

Based permanently in Glasgow, Rhonda is the Education & External Relations Manager at The Forensic Institute and continues to research, work and teach in criminal law and the law of evidence, particularly as it relates to expert evidence & jury trials.

Rhonda can be contacted at rhondadotwheate@hotmaildotcom or on Twitter @DrRWheate.


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