Forthcoming Publications

Forthcoming Publications

Criminal law in practice  generates a host of issues that have both immediate importance to individual cases, and more normative significance for the criminal justice system overall. My particular areas of interest and expertise, and the areas that I seek to write more about include:

Disclosure, pre-trial behaviour of parties to the system (lawyers, experts, funding bodies), trial practises (in particular cross-examination, expert witnesses, and jury behaviour), and post-conviction issues (including ‘new evidence’ requirements).

There is a rich seam between criminal law and the law of evidence; in my publications I seek to understand it, explore it, and (if need be) change it. Here I try to make full use of my training in science and my perspectives in law, especially when considering how criminal justice has never quite got to grips with how to effectively use scientific evidence.

I am always interested to hear the views of others, and welcome comments on my forthcoming publications (see menu at top right) and published work.